Ham slices, dairy products and cheeses from around the world!

The primary objective for Grangusto is offering only highly genuine products, that you can hardly find in usual supermarkets, selected by experts from all over the country. Prerogative is to pay attention to all customer’s desires, trying to respond to his needs, ensuring professionalism and reliability.

Thanks to refinement and innovation, Grangusto gastronomy offers its guests exclusive products: you will find Italian DOP sausages and cheeses, foreign excellences, about 300 sausages and 400 cheeses from the best producers.
In addition, it becomes a real point of reference for those who decide to eat a quick lunch, but for this, not less important. In fact, you can find fragrant bread of various sizes and flavors, daily baked by the bakery on the ground floor, that can be combined with excellent products of the gastronomy. Among bread, you can choose that with broccoli, with peppers, with zucchini, with escarole, with rosemary, artichoke, eggplants, tomato, hazelnuts, walnuts, green and black olives, mushrooms, chestnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds.

Grangusto gastronomy is a showcase of authenticity and excellence, and offers a wide range of products selected from Italy and from the world, as a response to an audience that gives importance to quality of food.
Iranian Caviar, 36 months Parma ham, mule cheese, hand-cut Iberian cooked ham, duck foigras, the Grand Cru of Parmigiano (2005-2008), ham from Sauris, and many other delicacies.
Also, you can contact the Gastronomy to ask for special extra large size preparations, buffalo or cow's milk ones.


Market Grangusto open every day: from 08:30 to 21:00 - Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 21.00.
Delivery: from 10 to 16.

phone +39.081.19376800

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