Caring for the quality is our hallmark.

Grangusto butcher’s shop is a point of reference for all those who like to choose selected and controlled meat.

It's a butcher’s shop that offers traditional products of elite and that, on request, becomes gastronomy, with original and fresh preparations, ready to cook, daily made, with extreme care and with the highest quality certified meats.. Among these, we mention stuffed rolls, black pigs from Caserta, stuffed boneless turkeys, real Milanese cutlets, Chianina beef burgers, pork fillets with spices, and other delicacies..

Meat follows a process of maturation in a separate cell with walls made of Himalayan salt, becoming, in this way, soft, tender and tasty. The attention to quality is the most important thing.
The meat comes from all over the world. There are many excellence of the territory, coming exclusively from highly selected farms. A real shop for connoisseurs, in short, where quality and taste go hand in hand.
Among foreign excellences: Wagyu Kobe (famous Japanese beef), Australian Angus, Aberdeen, Black Scottish Angus, Argentina Beef, Irish Beef, Poulet de Bresse.
Among italian meat: chianina, podolica lucana beef, piedmont fassona beef, black pig fromcaserta, laticauda lamb. la chianina, la podolica lucana, la fassona piemontese, il suino nero casertano, la carne di cinta senese, il bue grasso di carrù, l'agnello di laticauda.
The mission of Grangusto butcher’s shop is to conquer its customers through the guarantee of selling a certificate, high quality and always fresh product, subject to strict controls.


Market Grangusto open every day: from 08:30 to 21:00 - Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 21.00.
Delivery: from 10 to 16.

phone +39.081.19376800

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