The simple flavors give the same pleasure of the refined, water and a piece of bread make the pleasure more full to those who are missing. Epicuro

Making bread is an art that should be able to convey emotions: this is the philosophy followed by Grangusto.

The use of a wood-fired oven with a separate room and with a stone ground cooking helps to make the production of bread unique at Grangusto. There is a modern design oven that uses only biological pure beech logs, coming from selected woods.
The particular fragrance and the intense flavor depend on a traditional cooking, on the selected flour (coming from the best Italian mills), as well as on the use of sourdough. Grangusto has selected his bakers from the vesuvian area. The deep dedication to make a product that is routinely subject to new natural experimentations, allows Grangusto to preserve the authenticity and the freshness of its bread.

Grangusto is aware that making bread involves concentration and meditation.. The study of grain and flour, as well as the possible marriages with fresh ingredients prepared in the restaurant kitchen, is an important step of the production, which allows it to enrich a daily variety of offer.
Grangusto bread can be adapted to all situations: there is bread with broccoli, with peppers, with zucchini, with escarole, with rosemary, artichoke, eggplants, tomato, hazelnuts, walnuts, green and black olives, zucchini blossoms, mushrooms, with chestnuts, pistachios, raisin, pumpkin seeds, chocolate.
In addition, there are many other kinds of bread. Among them: baguettes, rosette, milk bread, oil bread, soy bread, Altamura bread, integral bread, cereals, bran and soy bread, and last but not least, the classic “Palatone”, typical of Neapolitan tradition bread.


Market Grangusto open every day: from 08:30 to 21:00 - Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 21.00.
Delivery: from 10 to 16.

phone +39.081.19376800

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