Making cakes with the aesthetic and creative approach

Grangusto pastry offers to its customers high quality fresh products, with an aesthetic and a creative approach.

Grangusto moves from the traditional pastry to the most innovative pastry, choosing the best ingredients and proposing them always in an innovative way.
The search and the selection of the most genuine raw materials, the passion for good food and the attention to details is an unquestioned prerogative of Grangusto pastry, which produces, every morning, from 07:00 am, delicious baked goodness, such as fragrant croissants with blueberries, with cereals, with almonds, with butter, with chocolate or cream, cookies of different flavors, plum cakes, donuts, muffins, braids with raisins, cream pies, black cherry pies and many other small artworks for those who love simple pleasures.
Grangusto knows that a good dessert is able to transfer good humour, giving pleasure to sight, taste and smell.

The desserts are manually processed, not mechanically, with the time and with the heart.
You can try and order traditional or not traditional cakes: chocolate mushrooms, finger mousses, apple pies, lemon pies, profiteroles, baba, sacher cakes, strawberries tarts.
New flavors and tastes, then, that can be adapted to every moment of the day.


Market Grangusto open every day: from 08:30 to 21:00 - Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 21.00.
Delivery: from 10 to 16.

phone +39.081.19376800

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