Daily fresh fish!

Grangusto supports the main points of traditional Mediterranean diet, offering its customers categorically daily caught fish, only wild and not farmed.

A daily assortment of a food whose beneficial properties are magnified by the best nutritionists. In addition, it is possible, on request, a free accurate service of cleaning and filleting. The baskets of the fish market are, every day, a celebration of excellence, offering the chef of restaurant egregious raw materials to express his skills.
The philosophy of the restaurant Grangusto is based on the freshness of the products used for its dishes: the exclusive use of only fresh and uncontaminated ingredients is the imperative. Marrying the triumphs of the daily fish to the fresh products of the land, coming directly from the market, Grangusto restaurant makes its guests to enjoy the excellence of its dishes. Its dishes are absolutely delicious and original.
Traditional recipes are prepared to enhance the authentic flavor of the individual ingredients: delicious spaghetti with seafood, tartar and carpaccio, steamed or in crazy water fish. Customers can go to the enoteca for a journey into the world of food and wine, accompanying the wine chosen with creative culinary delights prepared by the restaurant: it is a fusion of traditional and gourmet dishes, going from light tuna tartar, to carpaccio, caviar, delicate fingers, crudités fish, oysters and many other things. Thanks to the skilled team of Sommeliers in the wine cellar, the customers of Grangusto are driven, with care, competence and professionalism to approach the delicacies of the sea to more than 1200 selected wine bottles.


Market Grangusto open every day: from 08:30 to 21:00 - Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 21.00.
Delivery: from 10 to 16.

phone +39.081.19376800

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