There is an offering at lunch, of a fast and a simple service for employees and workers who want a high quality but cheap lunch break. In the evening, the restaurant sheds its skin: after the aperitif it becomes a charming place where you can enjoy the exquisite dishes prepared by the chef, accompanying them with a wide wine list suggested by the sommelier with over 1200 labels.

A market at your disposal!

Do you want a particular food, that is not present in the menu a la carte? You could choose pasta, meat, fish and any other products from the market. Grangusto will serve you at the table!

Enjoy and entertain your friends!

Book your table and the exclusive service for your birthday, your graduation party, your promise of marriage, your business lunch. The room is also available for business dinners, press conferences and presentations of events.

Do not leave anything to fate!

Consult Grangusto experts: sommeliers and restaurateurs will suggest you the right combination of food, wine and champagne. Get advice on the excellent products of quality to bring to your table, according to your personal taste and preference of your guests

Take away!

Would you like a particular food but you don�t want to cook? Order what you like in the restaurant on the first floor and bring the complete package with your personal menu, prepared by the Chef.

and also...

Be the master of your time!

Order the shopping in our market, open every day from 8.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and we will comfortably deliver it to your house.

Car Valet

parking is not a problem anymore! Gran Gusto offers an exclusive and innovative quality service: the Car Valet. Entrust the keys of your car to our staff in reception, it will be guaranteed, for 1 hour, FREE custody of the vehicle. For the customers of the Restaurant, the custody is free in the evening hours.

Fill your boat galley!

Call one hour before and we will deliver the shopping, the lunch or the dinner directly to your boat, for you and your guests. We also have a sommelier service on board.

The culture at your fork range!

We have a library area with available gastronomic books at every time.

Allow yourself the luxury to choose from!

Enter into our wine shop, choose your favorite bottle of wine, and we will serve you at the table at the right temperature.

Stay tuned!

We have a Wi-Fi zone and free internet terminals for all your needs

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